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Barth, Lee and Hodorowicz Published in Journal of Children's Services

School of Social Work Dean Richard Barth, PhD, Associate Professor Bethany Lee, PhD, and PhD student Mary Hodorwicz had their article "Equipping the child welfare workforce to improve the well-being of children," published in the Journal of Children's Services.


To discuss ways of equipping the child welfare workforce to improve the well-being of children through graduate education and post-MSW training.


To analyse the barriers to providing mental health services to vulnerable children and families and discuss three evidence-based ways of overcoming them.


Child and family social workers need to do more than comply with regulations if they are to influence the well-being of the children and families they seek to help. A variety of methods is necessary to implement this changed role and three initiatives – Partnering for Success, Motivational Interviewing for Child Welfare Trainees and Training Adoption-Competent Welfare Professionals – show promising results. Child welfare workers can learn to implement evidence-informed mental health practices with high fidelity.

Research limitations/implications

None of the studies are controlled studies.

Practical implications

The paper offers innovative ideas about workforce implications and implementation strategies.


Provides details of three innovative evidence-based projects – national models in the US – concerned with promoting children’s well-being.

CITATION: Richard P Barth, Bethany R Lee, Mary Theresa Hodorowicz, "Equipping the child welfare workforce to improve the well-being of children", Journal of Children's Services,

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