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Outreach to People Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

We are seeking volunteers to do phone outreach to people with disabilities affected by hurricane Harvey.

Work would be done in four hour shifts. Callers will be provided a list of names and numbers and questions to ask, then report back every 30 minutes. The agency coordinating these services is Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies, in collaboration with Medicaid case managers.

You can do this from any location. All you need is a telephone, computer and internet service. We have teams on the ground who are doing health and wellness checks based on the data we receive back from outreach callers. We have boats, helicopters and vehicles on site to provide support, including lifesaving medication. Depending on the data that comes back, a team is sent out with a particular task or set of tasks.

Looking for MSWs to be team leaders and MSWs, BSWs, nurses or others with relevant experience to volunteer as callers. Email Elaine Harmon at (subject line VOLUNTEER) to get started.

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