Mentor a DreamKid

August 30, 2017


The DreamMentor opportunity is a chance to build a developmental relationship with a DreamKid to show them that you care, challenge their growth, provide support, share power, and inspire possibilities. You will be meticulously trained and matched with a DreamKid who we believe will be the perfect match for a bidirectional relationship.

-Sincere desire to be personally involved helping a young person develop positive dreams for their lives, equipping them with the tools to make those dreams reality.
-Ability to communicate with a student openly and non-judgmentally;
-Strong listening skills;
-Ability to establish a relationship based on equal responsibility and respect;
-Interest in needs and concerns of children who are at risk of incarceration because they are falling behind in school or have a parent currently incarcerated
-Practical problem-solving skills and ability to suggest options and alternatives;
-Sensitivity to persons of different educational, economic, cultural or racial backgrounds.

-Make a one year commitment to developing and maintaining a Mentor relationship with a student in an after-school program context;
-Attend Mentor orientation and training session before meeting Mentee;
-Attend monthly ongoing Mentor training and support sessions;
-Meet one hour weekly with your Mentee cultivating developmental competencies through prescribed activities, conversation, and interactive projects;
-Assist Mentee in enhancing his/her self-image and through character building and dream building
-Keep time logs and other information as requested by Mentor Coordinator.



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