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Student Blackboard Orientation

Greetings, SSW Students, and welcome from the IDEA Team! Our mission is to support quality teaching, learning and research at the School of Social Work. We serve you by providing support services and resources related to Blackboard and other educational technologies. (Note that email, wi-fi, printers, hardware, software, networks, computer labs, and classroom technology are handled by SSW Informatics.) If you are new to the school and/or using Blackboard, or haven't used it for a while, we highly recommend taking an hour or so to go through our Blackboard orientation module. Upon successfully completing the orientation quiz, you can receive a certificate of completion PDF, which some instructors may require. It's best to jump in and check this off right away! The IDEA Team can be reached via the Help! tab in the lower left of every course in Blackboard, or at and you can count on hearing back within 24 hours. We wish you the very best for your studies this semester! The IDEA Team SSW IDEA Team Help Resources Email: Hotline: 410-870-9663 Web: Live:

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