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Student Carolyn Peterkin Publishes Book "If Only I Knew Me"

MSW Student Carolyn Peterkin has published the book “If Only I Knew Me.” It’s a new young adult novel that chronicles a young woman’s life-threatening struggle with inner demons. For years Skylette has battled depression and low self-esteem. Nearing high school graduation, Sky keeps a journal full of thoughts and poems about her pain. But writing about her terrible feelings doesn’t vanquish them, so she starts secretly cutting her wrists. Somehow, she makes it to graduation, but a suicide attempt nearly ends her dreams of going to college. Still hiding the seriousness of her problems, Sky enrolls in the University of Maryland. Thanks to treatment from both a psychologist and psychiatrist, she’s gradually able to quiet the destructive, negative voices inside and even make friends. But in her darkest moments, Sky knows she’s not far from the edge—and her inner demons are trying to push her over. Sky’s fragile mental health is threatened when she discovers a long-buried family secret. As she plunges deeper into depression, she questions everything she thought she knew about who she is. Still, she has the will to survive. And if she can manage to understand and love herself, then she just might find a satisfying new beginning.

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