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MSW Students Hill and Kamara Attend CRISP Political Boot Camp

MSW students Terra Hill and Bomaya Kamara recently attended the CRISP Political Camp held in Washington, DC. The camp, organized by the Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy and featured sessions for social workers looking to one day run for political office, manage or work on a political campaign or be a spokesperson for a candidate or a cause.

Terra Hill said of the camp, "The boot camp was inspirational and provided me with a knowledge set that I will apply going forward in my career and will attribute to this experience." Bomaya Hill stated "I learned a lot, I had a great time and met some amazing people. I also won the 'Outstanding Office Seeker' award for my candidate position paper."

Cost to attend the camp were covered by the School of Social Work. Students were encouraged to apply by the Daily Bulletin and the School's Office of Student Services.

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