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New Program Partnership Between Social Work and Enoch Pratt Free Library

The School of Social Work's Social Work Community Outreach Service (SWCOS) has received a $17,000 grant to help launch PNC Neighborhood Fellows with the Enoch Pratt Free Library.

SWCOS graduate student interns will be placed in Enoch Pratt branch libraries, guided by a faculty field instructor, to provide direct service to patrons while learning best practices and creating a sustainable model. In addition, SWCOS will facilitate trainings for all library staff who work with the wide variety of library consumers, on a range of topics from crisis management to positive engagement.

The current civic context for libraries, especially their status as an important community institution, invites the profession of social work to work with library staff in a symbiotic relationship for social justice. A partnership between SWCOS and the Enoch Pratt Free Library provides an important opportunity to develop a model of community-based practice around these emerging needs.

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