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#LearnActImpact: Free Coursera MOOCs for Social Justice and Impact

A new batch of free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from deal with social justice, gender non-conformance, diversity and inclusion, social impact strategies, mindfulness, and international women's health.

These free mini-courses are set up in various ways: some are only offered for a short period, others last almost indefinitely once you have enrolled, some offer a non-credit certificate of completion if you decide to opt to take exams and participate in discussions or peer assessments. All of them, at any rate, include videos which can normally be downloaded and reused, and may provide some excellent resources or fodder to support your teaching and learning objectives.

Licensing of the video resources in the courses is sometimes a little dubious. "MOOCs" are supposed to be "Open Online Courses" - where "open" normally means video resources are licensed with Creative Commons licenses for re-use. Coursera allows the individual institutions who provide the content to determine the type of license they use, but this is often hard to find and/or not included in the individual videos, so may take some digging. We've looked in a couple of the courses, and did not find licensing information, so mileage may vary.

Some institutions, like Johns Hopkins, license all of their open materials with an open Creative Commons license that welcomes downloading, remixing, and redistributing, such that you are free to download and repurpose the video materials in courses or for other purposes. This particular batch seems to have a lot of titles that may be of great interest to the SSW community. Scroll down below for more details from the official Coursera release mailer.

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