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Associate Professor Mel Bellin and RA Angelica Newsome published in Journal of Pediatric Healthcare

Associate Professor Mel Bellin, RA Angelica Newsome, and colleagues from UM-SOM and JHU have an article in the current issue of J Pediatric Healthcare. Funded by NIH-NINR, the focus group research with children who have high-risk asthma identified the need for multipronged approaches to improve asthma control including ongoing child and family education and self-management support, environmental control and housing resources, linkages to smoking cessation programs, and psychosocial support. Full citation: Bellin, M.H., Newsome, A., Land, C., Kub, J., Mudd, S., Bollinger, M., & Butz. A.M. (2017). Asthma home management in the inner-city: What can the children teach us? Journal of Pediatric Healthcare, 31, 362-371.

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