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Dr. Fred Strieder to receive the Community Hero Award from Kennedy Krieger May 12th at Martin's

Kennedy Krieger Institute Therapeutic Foster (TFC) is a unique and nationally recognized program that serves families and their children who have medical conditions, developmental disabilities and behavioral emotional disorders. Fred Strieder was a pioneer in the field of TFC both in Maryland and nationally. He was a visionary in his initial development of treating families and their children who had experienced complex trauma nearly 30 years ago here at Kennedy Krieger Institute. Most recently Fred has returned to train staff and interns in motivational interview. Fred's contributions have been invaluable. He will be honored this year's Kennedy Krieger Institute Therapeutic Foster Care's "Community Hero Award". This Award goes annually to individuals in the Child Welfare and Mental Health Community who have contributed significantly to supporting our mission of ensuring the safety, permanency and well-being of families and children we serve in Maryland. For event details, call 410-218-8432.

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