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Assistant Professor Theda Rose, MSW student Ashlie Williams, and colleagues published in Journal of

Assistant Professor Theda Rose, Professor Sean Joe (Washington University in St Louis), Ashlie Williams (MSW student), Ryan Harris (HSHSL), Gail Betz (Oregon Health Science University Library), and Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown (University of Warwick, UK) have a new paper published in the Journal of Child and Family Studies that systematically reviews the literature in order to elucidate measures of mental wellbeing, relevant for use in mental health interventions, which are age-appropriate and acceptable for use among adolescents. The review identified and assessed comprehensive instruments in terms of their content, conceptual relevance for youth, and responsiveness to change. Ryan and Deci’s framework for mental wellbeing, grounded in hedonic and eudaimonic perspectives, was applied to assess the preponderance of feeling and functioning items for each instrument. The review identified 11 instruments; only four of which were developed for adolescents. Findings emphasize the importance of validating adult-developed instruments for youth and ensuring the instrument’s cultural and conceptual relevance within groups of adolescents. The study highlights that as promoting mental wellbeing among adolescents becomes critical to the field, practitioners need access to relevant and acceptable measures. More details can be found at this link Rose, T., Joe, S., Williams, A., Harris, R., Betz, G., & Stewart-Brown, S. (2017). Measuring mental wellbeing among adolescents: A systematic review. Journal of Child & Family Studies

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