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Apply and Become an Admissions Ambassador

Become a SSW Admissions Ambassador! Locations:  The Universities at Shady Grove (USG)  Baltimore (UMB) How would the application process have played out differently if you had access to current students or recent alumni that could answer your questions/concerns from firsthand experience? What would the experience of transitioning into graduate school have felt like if you already had an instant support network? As current students, you can become an ambassador to bridge future students to the UMB School of Social Work. Ambassadors will be expected to: • Assist with recruitment and outreach activities • Facilitate School tours to prospective students • Share experiences • Relate feedback to Office of Admissions Admissions Ambassadors will be considered based on communication skills, personal character, academic standing, experiences, and availability. This opportunity will allow you to network within the SSW, engage with surrounding community, and strengthen your interpersonal and leadership skill sets. The School will show its appreciation for the service and commitment of Admissions Ambassadors by providing eligible stipend or gift-based incentives. All interested in becoming an USG or UMB admissions ambassadors should Click here to apply.

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