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Drs. Rose, Sharpe, Shdaimah, and Doctoral Student Dante deTablan published in Qualitative Social Wor

Drs. Theda Rose, Tanya Sharpe, Corey Shdaimah, and Doctoral Student Dante deTablan publish, "Exploring coping among urban youth through photovoice," in Qualitative Social Work. This is their second manuscript from the Through the Looking Glass: Benjamin Franklin High School Photovoice Project, funded by UMB’s Center for Community-Based Engagement and Learning (CBEL). Youth identified different types of coping, as well as strategies and resources in their homes, school, and community. They classified coping as “good” or “bad,” depending on its impact on themselves and others. They described how coping evolves and noted long-term consequences of different coping strategies, suggesting a future-oriented aspect to their understanding of the concept. Students presented these findings to key stakeholders including a congressional representative, the Baltimore City School Board, community members, and their peers. Study findings elucidate the importance of adolescent perspectives to the coping research literature. Moreover, findings can inform the development of school and community-based programs designed to foster coping among urban adolescents. Rose, T., Sharpe, T., Shdaimah, C., & deTablan, D. (2017). Exploring coping among urban youth through photovoice. Qualitative Social Work. doi: 10.1177/1473325017693684

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