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Christopher Beegle Named Deputy Director of Family Connections

Following a faculty search process, Chris Beegle has accepted the position of Deputy Clinical Director of Family Connections (FC). In this new role he will provide direct supervision of daily program functions and clinical activities for SWCOS programs to include Family Connections Baltimore (FC), Trauma Adapted Family Connections (TA-FC), Popplelton Housing, collaboration with the Title IVE Public Education for Child Welfare Program and other clinical intervention initiatives. He will supervise the development of clinical programs, intervention strategies, staff development and the adaptation of evidence supported models. He will continue to participate as a member of the TA-FC team to include implementation of TA-FC replications.

Chris participated in the Title IVE program as a SSW student placed at FC and worked at the Prince George’s County DSS before coming back to FC as a clinician in 2012. He has been an intern supervisor and contributes to the development of training curriculum. He has been an integral part of the TA-FC model implementation including participation in replications activities. He consistently demonstrates passion and compassion in providing services with families and integrating trauma responsive services. We congratulate him on his continued professional accomplishments and look forward to his leadership and partnership in this new role.

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