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Applying Big Data to Care Coordination

Clinical Instructor Susan C. Westgate designed and co-delivered a national webinar entitled: "Crossing the Care Collaboration Chasm with Data: It's Sink or Swim." Two hundred plus were in online attendance for this presentation.

The overall goals of this training were to: discuss the factors that are accelerating the development of preferred post-acute provider networks; identify the data elements hospitals are prioritizing when building and managing preferred networks; how data can be used as the common language when communicating and collaborating across care settings; and how relationship building and management with post-acute partners is a key tactic for programmatic success.

This webinar was the product of a 1+ year initiative to create a data driven preferred provider network for a local area hospital system with the overall aim of enhancing patient clinical outcomes. Online publication and availability of this Webinar is forthcoming from the program sponsor, PointRight Analytics.

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