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Dr. Finigan-Carr, RYC has published a new book titled, “Linking Health and Education for African Ame

Dr. Nadine Finigan-Carr has published a new book with contributions from other colleagues in the field of social work, public health and education across the nation. Other University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Social Work contributors include Drs. Theda Rose, Tanya Sharpe, Wendy Shaia, and Shanda Crowder. The publication examines health disparities and education inequities concurrently by providing statistical information on social inequalities to help predict and prevent negative outcomes among minority children. The research suggests differences among races and genders in resilience to social stressors in various settings and provides statistics from longitudinal case studies and argues specific policy reform. The book is available in various formats hardback, eBook, and eBook Rental. More details can be found at;

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