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Macro Career Advising at the Job Fair

Attention Macro Students We understand that searching for macro social work jobs requires a multi-dimensional approach. In an effort to provide additional assistance to macro students during the job fair on April 4th, the following advisors will be available to talk with you 1:1 about how to explore the macro job market. • Rebecca Davis (Available 12-2:30pm) – UMB SSW

 Specialty Macro focused program management • Lane Victorson (Available 10-1pm) – UMB SSW

 Specialty Community Organizing • Ashely Valis (Available 10-12:45pm) – UMB, Office of the President

• Dr. Marlene Matarese (Available 10:30-1:30pm) – UMB SSW: Innovations Institute Macro career advising will be on the first floor of the campus center during the job fair.

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