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Don’t know what to do over spring break? Make a commencement video!

Don’t know what to do over spring break? How about collaborating with some of your fellow graduating students to make a musical video to submit to possibly be shown at Commencement? Here are the guidelines: There will be a friendly competition for a student-produced video set to music that will be featured during the Commencement program. Runner-up videos will be shown in on the big screens before the ceremony begins. · Videos should be five minutes or less. · Keep it clean! · Subtitles are preferred · Videos produced in the past two years by current graduating students may be submitted · Must include credits · Must be reviewed by your student affairs dean prior to submission · Submissions are due by April 21, 2017, and will be reviewed by the same group. Here are links to last year’s winner and a few examples from other professional schools:

UMB winner last year

Northwestern Law

Dartmouth Medicine

UCLA Medicine

UCSF Pharmacy

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