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Corey Shdaimah, Jane Lipscomb, Roni Strier, Dassi Postan-Aizik, Susan Leviton & Jody Olsen publi

Associate Professor Corey Shdaimah and Professors Jane Lipscomb (UMB SON), Roni Strier (Haifa University School of Social Work), Dassi Postan-Aizik (Haifa University School of Social Work) Susan Leviton (UMB SOL) & Jody Olsen (UMB SSW) have a new paper published in Annals of Global Health that describes a parallel binational, interprofessional American-Israeli course that which explores social justice in the context of increasing urban, local, and global inequities. This article discusses the course’s innovative approach to critically examine how social justice is framed in mixed/divided cities from different professional perspectives (social work, health, law). Participatory methods such as photo-voice, experiential learning, and theatre of the oppressed provide students with a shared language and multiple media to express and problematize their own and others’ understanding of social (in)justice and to imagine social change.

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