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Corey Shdaimah and Toby Guerin of SOL Center for Dispute Resolution Give Keynote Presentation at IPE

Associate Professor Corey Shdaimah and Toby Guerin, Managing Director, Center for Dispute Resolution at the University of Maryland School of Law (C-DRUM) and Clinical Law Instructor gave the Keynote Presentation at the University of Maryland Fifth Annual IPE Faculty Development Day on March 8, 2017.

Their presentation, titled "Embedding IPE: It’s Easier Than You Think" Panel: Toby Guerin described an interprossional pilot program that they created with Marg Hammersla, Assistant Professor and Co-Specialty Director, AGPCNP of the University of Maryland School of Nursing that brought together 16 students from the Schools of Nursing, Law and Social Work to assess and provide feedback on a bill currently before the Maryland General Assembly that would ban insurance companies from requiring pre-authorization for medication-assisted addiction treatment.

The pilot program was designed as an exercise that is embedded in existing coursework to foster interprofesional collaboration around a relevant local issue that drew on the expertise of all three professions.

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