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Webinar: How should social work education respond to the changing political landscape?

As the new presidential administration takes office, many social workers question the extent to which it will reflect the profession's values of equality and social and economic justice. Students, too, may be wondering how the administration's policies will impact their work with clients and communities, in particular the implications for marginalized groups. What are some ways to help students make sense of the emerging, often confusing, political era in the classroom?

The CSWE Center for Diversity and Social & Economic Justice will explore this question in a live webinar panel on March 21, 2017 at Noon. The Center will provide curated resources to further these discussions in the classroom.

In this webinar, participants will learn ways to help students feel empowered in order to apply their skills to intervene on behalf of and with their clients in the face of the current political uncertainty by:

  • helping to create a vision of a just society

  • providing information that will help to analyze the current political environment, and

  • critically considering how to frame issues for social change.

Who should participate?

Social work faculty, administrators, field educators, and students with an interest in helping students navigate the changing political landscape in their work with clients and communities

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