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1st Annual Entrepreneurship and Innovation Expo (EIX) at UMB

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network (EIN) is pleased to present the 1st annual Entrepreneurship and Innovation Expo at University of Maryland, Baltimore. Join us for a half day event celebrating all of the entrepreneurial and innovative endeavors at UMB. Events will include talks from entrepreneurs at the student, faculty and student levels as well as a keynote presentation from the UMB Presidents White Paper Fellows. Other events will include tabling sessions from local entrepreneurial entities and groups. EIX will highlight UMB’s entrepreneurial progress and achievements through presentations by student and faculty entrepreneurs, as well as through panel discussions with key university influencers. By attending EIX, you will play an active role in aligning and fostering UMB’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Keynote Presentation: UMB President’s Fellowship White Paper Presentation Other speakers include: UMB Student entrepreneurs and innovators UMB faculty and staff entrepreneurs and innovators UMB entrepreneurial strategists Event Details Monday, April 3, 2017 Elm Rooms A&B 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. REGISTER NOW AT:

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