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Intro to I-Corps

We've teamed up with College Park to bring Intro to I-Corps to UMB. I-Corps is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Initiative that engages participants to explore their ideas and research deeply by talking to potential customers, partners and competitors and encountering the challenges and uncertainty of creating successful innovations. This workshop provides tools and guidance to help validate (or invalidate) a business model for maximizing the number people your research or concept impacts. This workshop is designed for students, faculty, and staff interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. The program is designed to be as convenient as possible for teams to attend. The kick-off is a half-day in-person event, followed by 10-20 customer discovery interviews and two 30-minute check-in meetings/calls scheduled at a times that are convenient for the participant. Kick-off Date and Location: Friday, March 31 from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. in the SMC Campus Center Green Room. Register or learn more here:

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