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Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance Lecture February 23

Please join us for a lecture by Dr. Seema Iyer of the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance. This is the second in a series of lectures sponsored as part of the School of Medicine Social Justice Curriculum.

The Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance-Jacob France Institute (BNIA-JFI) at the University of Baltimore has been analyzing and disseminating community based indicators for Baltimore’s neighborhoods since 2000. The indicators provide insight into and ongoing monitoring of the overall direction of communities by tracking key measures comprising quality of life.

Seema D. Iyer PhD is associate director and research assistant professor for the Jacob France Institute (JFI) in the University of Baltimore's Merrick School of Business. Dr. Iyer oversees the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance at JFI, which is also part of the Urban Institute's National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership of sites that provide longitudinal, community based data on demographics, housing, crime, education and sustainability. Dr. Iyer is a recognized expert on strategic planning in community development; recent projects include the McElderry Park Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Plan, Regional Housing Plan for the Opportunity Collaborative, and an evaluation of Baltimore’s Vacants to Value program.

Please click the link below to rsvp:

Date and Time: February 23, 2017, 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Location: School of Medicine, Health Science Facility II Building, HSFII Auditorium, 20 Penn Street, Baltimore Maryland

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