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Join us for Macro Monday, Navigating Macro Careers in the Current Environment, on 2/27 from 5-6pm

Please join the macro faculty and Macro Student Union for our annual Macro Monday event, Navigating Macro Careers in the Current Environment, on February 27th from 5-6pm in the SSW auditorium. This event will introduce MSW and BSW students and alumni to a variety of macro social work career experiences. A focus of this year's event will be on how the social and policy environment is affecting macro social work practice and career opportunities. This panel presentation will be moderated by MSW students Carolyn Hoffmann and Jessica Wertheim, and BSW student Lydia Yosef. Panelists will include macro social work practitioners with different backgrounds, areas of expertise, and career trajectories. A networking reception for students, faculty, alumni, and other members of the SSW community will immediately follow.

This event is free, but please register at:

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