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Students Attending NASW-MD Student Advocacy Day are Invited to Meeting on Monday, Feb. 13

Students who are interested in attending the National Association of Social Workers, Maryland (NASW-MD) Social Work Students’ Advocacy Day in Annapolis on February 23 are invited to meet on Monday, February 13 at 12:15 to 1:30 pm in room 2W11. We will discuss the SSW’s participation at this event, review the program's agenda, and review a list of current state bills which impact programs and services of interest to social work. These topics will prepare students for the opportunities to attend legislative hearings and visit legislative offices on Advocacy Day. Dr. Joan Davitt and Gisele Ferretto are the SSW’s faculty representatives for this event and will be in attendance at the event and will lead the planning meeting. You may contact Dr. Davitt at or Ms. Ferretto at if you have questions concerning the event’s program.

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