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Healthy Men Michigan targets rising suicide rate

A program led by the SSW's Jodi Frey was the subject of a media story in Michigan

Men in our society are taught not to complain when they are in pain, including mental and emotional anguish, and that it’s not masculine to ask for help.

Such beliefs have deadly consequences, particularly in the skyrocketing suicide rate among middle-aged men. The Healthy Men Michigan campaign is seeking to remove those barriers and the stigma attached to seeking help for depression.

“Directions aren’t the only help men are reluctant to seek,” Healthy Men Michigan declared. “Many men hesitate to reach out for help if they are feeling sad or depressed.”

The effort is aimed at finding ways to convince men that “checking your mental health is a manly thing to do,” according to Jodi Jacobson Frey, with the University of Maryland School of Social Work, who is heading up Healthy Men Michigan.

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