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20 Ways Maryland Marchers Can Support the Women’s March on Washington – January 21

Attending the Women's March on Washington January 21? Here are some tips for attendees or those thinking of taking part.

1. Sign up! If you have interest and availability to volunteer at the march, please fill out this form:

2. Do outreach, within and beyond your social group. Invite others to join us on January 21, 2017 to call for justice and equality for all women. Consider our core organizing principle of diversity and inclusion when doing your outreach.

3. Social media. Share your reasons for marching via social media using #WhyIMarch and #WomensMarch. Tweet your experiences @WomensMarchMD.

4. Contact your elected officials. Politely tell them ahead of time why you'll be joining the Women’s March on Washington, what issues you care about most, and that you’ll be closely watching how they vote on these issues.

5. Organize or attend a potluck to welcome out-of-town marchers.

6. Minimize your environmental footprint by hiking or biking part of the way if you are able. Volunteer as a biking, hiking, or Metro ambassador. Carry out your own trash and recycling.

7. Sign up to assist a person with disabilities via the WMW Disability Caucus. Ask a person how you can help and follow through.

8. First Aid. Pack a small first aid or comfort kid with a few extra emergency supplies to support other marchers. Donate supplies from our Amazon wish list:

9. Carry a lightweight portable chair or stool for a person who needs to rest along the way.

10. Doctors/Nurses/EMTs/Social Workers, please march with us; we need your help!

11. Practice non-violence. Enroll in non-violence training before Jan 21. Be prepared with non-violent de-escalation tactics.

12. Know the DC map. Be prepared to help visitors find their way around under any conditions, with or without a mobile phone, including metro stops, bathrooms, places of shelter, evacuation routes and hospitals.

13. Bring a positive attitude. Be ready to help and support those around you. Realize that crowds and new places can be overwhelming for some people. Be a local ambassador.

14. Moms support. Offer support and assistance to mothers traveling with small children.

15. Artists and street performers. Make signs, banners, street theater, music! Merchandise with or without the official logo can be bought or sold through the Women’s March on Washington merchandise store to support the March, but not for personal profit.

16. Document and share your experience of the march.

17. Be Observant and Informed of Our Rights to Peaceful Assembly. Legal Observer, Bystander Intervention, & Know Your Rights trainings are being offered via various organizations leading up to the march.

18. Educate yourself about the mission & principles of the Women's March on Washington at

19. Read a book or suggest a title to others that supports the principles of the Women’s March on Washington.

20. Wear sturdy walking shoes/boots and socks that will allow you to walk long distances and help others in need.

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