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Upcoming Webinar on Psychological Well-being and Financial Capability: Research Connections and Prac

Please join UMSSW's Financial Social Work Initiative on Tuesday, December 13, 2-3 p.m. for a webinar on Psychological Well-being and Financial Capability: Research Connections & Practice Implications.

Does psychological well-being affect how financially capable and confident people feel and how they are able to manage their finances--and vice versa? In other words, if you feel better emotionally, will you do better with your finances, and if you do better with your finances, will you feel better emotionally? What happens when either or both suffers, and how do helping professionals assess and assist? Using data from nationally representative surveys within the social sciences helps social workers and other helping professionals understand the psychological and financial realities that individuals and families in the U.S. face. In this workshop, the presenters will discuss their findings, supported by the FINRA Foundation, to analyze two such merged data sets related to measures of psychological well-being and financial capability, and the significance of what they have found to the daily lives of individuals and families. The presenters will also engage the audience in implications for improving clinical practice so that it is responsive to a wide range of client needs, stressors, and experiences. Researchers/instructors: James Kunz, PhD, McDaniel College and Christine Callahan, PhD, LCSW-C, University of Maryland School of Social Work

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