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Youth Homeless Survey Shows Vastly More Young People in Need

More than 1,400 people under 25 years old do not have a stable place to sleep at night in Maryland. A statistic that shows a huge disparity between a groundbreaking study by the University of Maryland School of Social Work and the federally mandated national survey by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Originally HUD's Point-in-Time study showed 481 unaccompanied homeless youth in the entire state in 2015.

Amanda Miller, Program Manager for the Youth REACH MD survey, says this difference is based on two factors. The first, how each survey identified homeless youth.

The REACH survey looked at people under 25-years-old, who are not in physical custody of a parent or guardian, and lack fixed, regular, or adequate nighttime residence.

The HUD survey looks more at youth who are accessing state and city resources, like shelters, or are living on the streets.

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