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Civilly Discussing the Election - December 12 at the SSW

Civilly Discussing the Consequences of the Presidential Election with SSW Professors John Belcher and Michael Reisch. Monday, December 12 from 12:15 to 1:45 in the SSW Auditorium. Moderated by the SSW's Wendy Shaia, EdD.

This discussion between Professors Michael Reisch and John Belcher brings together two of our School’s most esteemed faculty to discuss the importance of engaging people with different views. Michael Reisch will present the progressive side and John Belcher will present the moderate conservative side. They will also be discussing how to maintain civil discourse in times when opposing views are often intense and prone to be personal.

The discussion is intended to help find successful ways forward in responding to the major change in national leadership that marks the era ahead. ALL welcome to attend.

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