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UMB Interprofessional publication - Carvajal, Gioia et al (2016) in Women's Health Issues

How can Primary Care Physicians Best Support Contraceptive Decision Making? A Qualitative Study Exploring the Perspectives of Baltimore Latinas by Diana N. Carvajal, MD, MPH, the SSW's Deborah Gioia, PhD, LCSW-C, Estefania Rivera Mudafort, BA, MPH, Pamela Bohrer Brown, BA, Beth Barnet, MD.

US Latinas experience disproportionately high rates of unintended pregnancy and low rates of consistent contraception use. Not well known are Latinas’ perspectives about how primary care physicians (PCPs) might facilitate or deter contraceptive decision making. The theory of planned behavior has been used previously to explain contraceptive behaviors. This study used the theory of planned behavior as a guide to help describe Latinas’ perspectives regarding specific factors that influence their contraceptive decision making and to describe their perspectives about the role of PCPs in the decision making.

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