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Buy a "Change Agent" Shirt to Raise Money for Family Engagement Activities at a Baltimore

This year, the Positive Schools Center at the University of Maryland School of Social Work would like to raise money to fund family enrichment activities at Lyndhurst Elementary School.

Click on this link to donate - Lyndhurst is committed to becoming a community leader in bringing families together. Lyndhurst wants to provide safe spaces for parents, families, and community members to feel connected to their children and nurture their relationships. Your donation will support students, families, and communities in their on-going empowerment movement and continuance to provide a positive school climate for their children. A positive school climate leads to healthier, happier, and emotionally secure children. With family and community input & support, the children will thrive! The following is a sample list of family events Lyndhurst would like to put on this year. Your donations can help provide the planning materials & supplies to bring them alive! 1. Incentives to increase attendance at their Monthly Families & Community Meeting such as meals & childcare 2. Literacy & Math Nights 3. Family Enrichment Nights: The Princess Dance (father figure-daughter dance), Eco-Friendly Fashion Show, Lights in the Sky Space Event, and a Community Chili Cook Off Join us in being a change agent in helping Lyndhurst continue to bring positive vibes and community love around our children. This fundraiser is created by Smita Dey, an advanced year intern at the Positive Schools Center, as part of the fundraiser assignment for the Resource Development class with Professor Rebecca Davis. For any questions about this fundraiser, please contact:

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