top of page is a New Resource Guide for Youth in Baltimore is a new resource guide for youth in Baltimore. Aligned with Baltimore City’s new Youth Health and Wellness Strategy, Y2CONNECT aims to connect Baltimore youth to clinical- and community-based health and non-health programs and resources to assist them in becoming successful adults, including youth-friendly clinics, programs related to arts and recreation, school and job readiness, and youth development, family planning, HIV and STD testing, PrEP for HIV, resources for youth who are homeless, immigrants and LGBT, and more.

Y2CONNECT is designed for easy and direct access by youth‐serving professionals, parents/guardians and other caring adults, and youth.

It’s easy to navigate, has many features to find the exact services and resources a young person might need, and is available in English or Spanish. Y2CONNECT is also mobile-friendly and available as an app on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Other key available content includes articles designed for youth about health; ability for youth to write reviews of local resources that they’ve used; materials for professionals who work with youth (e.g., Maryland Minor Consent & Confidentiality Laws; online video training for youth-serving staff to help connect young men to healthcare); and materials for parents (e.g., materials to talk with your son about healthcare).

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