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Entrepreneurship & Innovation Network (EIN): Customer Discovery Workshop


What is this event about? Customer discovery is the process of identifying your customer or stakeholder's needs when designing a service or product. During this workshop, a specific focus will be placed on "pivoting" based on feedback from your potential end users. This workshop will be run by Jennifer Hammaker, Director of the Maryland Innovation Initiative.

Why should you attend? As a social work professional, you will have a unique opportunity for social entrepreneurship: you will regularly engage with clients, which will give you the opportunity to find out what they need. You can then address this need through design and innovation to better your clients’ lives. You will also be able to meet other entrepreneurial-minded students and build teams to compete in local and national entrepreneurship competitions or to start your own business.

Who are we? The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network (EIN) is a USGA recognized interprofessional student organization at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB). Our grassroots initiative aims to assemble entrepreneurial minded UMB students to create an ecosystem for innovation through inter-professional collaboration. We strive to embed the talent present within the UMB student body into the larger Baltimore area and BioHealth Capital Region entrepreneurial landscape through partnerships, networking, knowledge sharing and inspiration.

Our mission is to educate students on the process of turning innovative ideas into companies by providing the resources and hands on experiences needed to become successful entrepreneurs.

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