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Samantha Hack Earns Career Development Award

Samantha Hack, PHD, LGSW, a volunteer research assistant professor at the SSW, has received a 5-year career development award from the VA Rehabilitation Research and Development Division. Serving as Dr. Hack's mentor will be SSW Associate Professor Dr. Bruce DeForge.

AWARD SPECIFICS: Funding dates: 03/2017-03/2022 Title: Development of a Patient Centered Mental Health Intervention for Recent Veterans Funder and Mechanism: VA Rehabilitation Research & Development, Career Development Award Grant mentors: A number of people across the country but Bruce DeForge is serving as the mentor in participatory action research and community based participatory research methodologies. Project narrative: Recent Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts (Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation New Dawn; OIF/OEF/OND )are presenting in VA care with high rates of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, reporting significant difficulties with community reintegration, and dropping out of mental health care at high rates. Surveys of recent Veterans show that Veterans want the VA to provide mental health care tailored to their concerns and reintegration priorities. The VA is committed to providing personalized, proactive, patient centered care (PCC); but little research or intervention development has been done on PCC in mental health care settings and preliminary research indicates Veterans may lack the skills and knowledge to be active partners in PCC. This study aims to examine PCC behaviors in VA mental health care and, informed by this data, develop a brief patient centered mental health intervention that will help recent Veterans take the lead in their care personalization and support their functional recovery. Results from this study will demonstrate the acceptability, feasibility, and preliminary efficacy of this intervention.

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