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Solutions Summit: Behavioral Health Forum October 1

OSI's Solutions Summit is designed to create a community-driven blueprint for the new mayor and city council to address some of Baltimore's most entrenched problems. There will be a series of free community forums leading up to the summit on December 10.

The first forum, focused on Behavioral Health, will be on October 1, from 9am to 12:30pm. (See information about all three forums on the Solutions Summit website.)

At the half day forum, we'll explore solutions dealing with a host of issues including reducing stigma associated with substance use; access to treatment; provider capacity; housing and recovery support; and care coordination and integration. At the end of the day, using mobile technology, everyone will vote on the priorities that we want Baltimore's new leadership to focus on. Those priorities will then be incorporated into the Solutions Summit on December 10th.

Everyone is invited to RSVP and attend.

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