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Additional information meeting about 2017 India and London International Field Placement Programs: 1

The School of Social Work offers Advanced field placements in Kochi, India, and London through our International Field Placement Program (IFPP). Students interested in the 2017 IFFP should attend the upcoming informational meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 4, 5:15-6:00 in room 3e36. The IFPP programs last 5½ months, beginning in the summer of 2017. While abroad, our students complete their entire Advanced field placements and take two MSW classes in our partnering universities. Classes in India are taught in English. Our students reside in university housing. When the 2017 IFPP students return to the SSW for their final semester, spring 2018, they will only need to take their remaining classroom courses, as they will have completed Advanced field. Detailed information and applications will be available at the meeting.

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