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2016 APhA-ASP and Walgreens Flu Clinic

Please join us in the annual APhA-ASP and Walgreens Flu Clinic on Tuesday, Sept. 27th, 10am-2pm in Balch Gallery in Pharmacy Hall (20 N.Pine St. Baltimore, MD 21201).

REGISTER HERE Why do you need yearly flu vaccination? Influenza strains change every year and being immunized will protect you, your family, and your community. Also for students, many rotations require yearly flu vaccination as a prerequisite, so this will be a very convenient opportunity to get your flu shot on campus. Walgreens accepts most insurances and will have various vaccines available to reserve. If not covered by insurance, cash price for flu shots will be $25. Please bring PHOTO ID and BOTH YOUR MEDICAL AND PRESCRIPTION INSURANCE CARDS with you on the day of the clinic. For more information, feel free to contact SeJeong Yoon (

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