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Information Session for Interprofessional Elective to Israel: 9/1/16 1-2 & 9/12/16 5-6

Please join us for an information session for an international, interprofessional elective, which focuses on Social Justice in local and global contexts.

September 1 from 1 to 2 PM in 3E08 September 12 from 5 to 6 PM in 3E08

This course is a partnership between the University of Haifa Flagship Project and The University of Maryland Schools of Social Work, Law, and Nursing. The course will also provide opportunities to interact with social work students from Haifa University and the communities with which they work. We will hold 2 required meetings for 2-4 hours each prior to travel in November/December 2016, followed by travel to Israel from December 30- January 7. There will be 1-2 meetings after travel during the Spring 2017 semester, including a presentation for the UMB campus. The goals of the course are to explore the concept of social justice from an international and interprofessional perspective and to: • examine local social struggles to overcome inequality and injustice • use a photovoice technique to explore and highlight the concept of social (in)justice through visual media in Baltimore and in Israel • promote research and practice of social justice • showcase social justice research and action projects at both universities Please join us or contact Corey Shdaimah for any questions and to receive a copy of program application materials.

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