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Dr. Roger Friedman co-authors new book "Tower Sniper: The Terror of America's First Active

Dr. Roger Friedman has co-authored a new book titled Tower Sniper: The Terror of America's First Active Shooter on Campus, John M. Hardy Publishers, Houston. His co-authors are Monte and Nathan Akers and the book was released on July 28. It explores the history and traumatic legacy of the mass shooting that occurred on August, 1, 1966 in Austin perpetrated by a student, Charles Whitman, from the Observation Deck of the University of Texas Tower. Paul Sonntag, Dr. Friedman's best childhood friend and Paul's girl friend Claudia Rutt, were among the 14 people killed on campus that day. The book honors the victims and heroes on this 50th Anniversary summer of the shooting, and brings some healing to everyone touched by similar public tragedies that haunt America to this day. It is available through, or or thru

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