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Bulletin Policy

The School of Social Work's Daily Bulletin is designed to be a digital communication tool to keep the School community informed of events, announcements, policies and procedures. It is meant to be a single source for current, accurate campus news and information for students, faculty, staff and administrators.

This electronic publication is a compilation of information and is distributed once a day via e-mail, thereby eliminating the practice of sending individual broadcast e-mails several times a day.

Each faculty member, staff member and student are issued a UMB e-mail account. Your e-mail account is the official communication tool for the University and the School. You are responsible for regularly monitoring your e-mail for official communication from the University and School.

Format and Schedule
The Daily Bulletin is emailed to each member of the internal campus community (students, faculty, staff, and administrators). It is distributed each morning, Monday through Friday, during the academic year and on an as-needed basis over the summer.

Information Accepted

The Information contained within the Daily Bulletin is for the purpose of conducting official School business. It may include (but is not limited to):

Events and activities sponsored by the University/School and open to everyone (i.e., lectures, concerts, graduation, and special events)

General information of interest to the entire School (i.e., changes in parking regulations, changes in library hours, and scheduled maintenance projects)

Information specific to students (i.e., organization meetings, service projects, registration deadlines, and available work-study jobs)

Information specific to faculty and staff (i.e., grade submission deadlines, computer training classes, payroll and other benefit information, and faculty meetings)

The School reserves the right to include or exclude any items that fall into this category


Information that may not be accepted (either because it is inappropriate or there is another vehicle for distribution) includes (but is not limited to):

Promotional advertising (except for University items or offerings)

Solicitation from groups or businesses outside the university, School, or SSW student group (including information from political action committees and/or political candidates)

Announcements of events and activities being held on UMB's campus that are not officially sponsored by the University, School, or SSW student group

Announcements of events and activities being held off campus that are not officially sponsored by the University, School, or SSW student groups

Announcements that encourage action on pending legislation at any level of government

Announcements political in nature, including political petitions

Job (Help Wanted) announcements

Personal appeals, petitions, personal fundraisers (i.e., running in a charity marathon, etc.), personal help wanted ads (i.e., need a babysitter, ride to the beach, etc.


The School reserves the right to include or exclude any items that fall into this category.


Submission Information
Submissions for the Daily Bulletin must be submitted online at All submissions must be received by noon the day before you would like to have the information appear. Each submission is reviewed for timeliness and relevance to a School-wide audience. Submissions are not guaranteed to be published.

Please keep your announcement brief and to the point. There can be no attachments to the e-mail or graphics, but you may indicate a link to a Web page for more information.

Each submission must include relevant information (such as event date, time and location), as well as a contact person's name, phone number and/or e-mail for publication.

The Office of Communications reserves the right to limit successive appearances in the Daily Bulletin to no more than three days per specific announcement. The Office of Communications will select the days all announcements run.

The Office of Communications reserves the right to edit all submissions before they are published--including the decision to not publish a submission.

Requests for individual broadcast e-mails
The Daily Bulletin will eliminate the practice of sending broadcast e-mails, with few exceptions.


Acceptable uses for broadcast e-mails would include, but are not limited to:

Emergency weather alerts

Public Safety announcements regarding criminal activity on campus

A disaster in the Baltimore-Metro area

Facilities emergency service that might require the shutdown of water or power to a building

Information of a sensitive nature that might not be appropriate to distribute to the entire campus community

Notices of deaths of current students, faculty, staff, administrators, or emeriti

Announcements of administrative personnel appointments

Board of Advisor proceedings


Broadcast e-mail messages must be approved by the Supervisor of the area requesting the message, or an authorized designee. The approved message should be sent to Matt Conn, Assistant Dean of Communications, at

For more information
Contact the Communications Office at (410) 706-4542.

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